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How We Work

Creating Strong Community Connections

Healthy physical and social environments contribute to healthy people. A strong network of community connections will energize our children’s learning and development today and help them grow into the smart and strong leaders of tomorrow. 

Right now, resources are circulating unevenly across Alamance County and access is spotty in certain areas. That’s why Impact Alamance is increasing the supply of resources and paying attention to how they flow through our community’s grid, because all families should be right next door to the services they need to thrive.  

Our Approach

We believe we are stronger together. At Impact Alamance, we work to build healthy environments and communities by investing in collective, long-term, measurable change. We join forces with community groups to build leaders, to achieve more than the sum of our individual efforts and to boost our collective impact.

Focus Areas

Impact Alamance invests more than $2 million into our community annually, focusing on strengthening the systems and environments that impact our children and their future so that we’re all healthier, smarter and stronger.

Capacity Building

We offer programs and other resources to strengthen the capacity of community organizations who support children and families throughout Alamance County. 

Funding Opportunities

We fund organizations to expand our grid of resources so that everyone in Alamance County has what they need to reach their greatest potential.