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Wellness Collaborative

Wellness Collaborative

Formed in March 2015, the Alamance Wellness Collaborative convenes multidisciplinary partners to implement active living and healthy eating strategies throughout the county. Members include key leaders from planning, public health, business, parks and recreation, education, and nonprofit organizations. By adopting a countywide approach, representatives from different municipalities and agencies can work collectively and more efficiently on shared goals. The Collaborative recognizes the importance of creating environments where current and future residents have access to opportunities to improve their health—including facilities that encourage physical activity, healthy food outlets, healthy school environments, as well as policies and the economic base to support them.

The Collaborative identified the following strategies to guide its work in Alamance County:

  • Increase access to active transportation and trails
  • Improve and support healthy school environments
  • Identify and apply for funding for built environment initiatives
  • Increase advocacy at local and state level for policy change

The Collaborative structure facilitates new connections and partnerships within and outside of the county, leading to opportunities to collaborate on grants, advocate for each other’s work, and develop new projects. Members have improved their understanding of strategies for policy, systems, and environmental change, and how they can be applied in their work. By creating an intentional process that focuses on Alamance County’s built environment and people, the Alamance Wellness Collaborative members and leaders are building a foundation to support the health and economic wellbeing of our community.

Accomplishments of the Wellness Collaborative:

  • Worked with the City of Burlington, community members and partners to create a 100% tobacco free park system
  • Elon, Burlington, and Mebane passed a Health in All Polices Resolution which is a commitment to discuss health before any new policy or initiative is acted upon by council.
  • Alamance Burlington School System passed a Community Use Policy which opened all elementary playgrounds and walking tracks to the public after school hours.
  • Municipalities and organizations partnered on multiple projects to receive funding.
  • Provided advocacy and partnered for funding for additional sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, and greenways.

Wellness Collaborative Portal

Resources and information for collaborative members can be accessed through the portal below.