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Leadership Institute

Creating a Strong Foundation for Effective Leadership

The Leadership Institute is informed by research that demonstrates the importance of investing in leadership development in order to produce tangible benefits—from lower operating costs to greater stability and increased mission impact for the organization or agency.  

This 9-month program aims to provide nonprofit and government leaders with the strong foundation of leadership skills that is essential to enhancing their development and advancing the mission of their organizations or agencies. It is an opportunity to expand our collective resources across Alamance County by deepening relationships within our partnership network. 

This program is facilitated by Linda Smith of Splash Performance and Lisa Withers of Proactive Consulting. Lisa and Linda each have over 20 years of experience in leadership development and have worked with various business, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations. 

Meeting others in the community during the time of the pandemic was extremely valuable to me. Being able to gather and support one another monthly helped to build a bond between us.

This was truly a year when we were all tested and having The Leadership Institute to count on was so valuable to me.”

Program Benefits

  • The training and coaching is valued at $2,850

  • The sessions are led by highly trained consultants with over 20 years of experience in leadership training

  • Individualized coaching is provided to participants to support their learning and skill development

  • Training sessions are interactive and engaging 

  • The opportunity to develop a learning community that will support the participants’ ongoing development beyond completion of the program

Eligibility Requirements

  • We are accepting executive directors and mid-level management of nonprofit and government agencies who have an executive director who has previously graduated from Leadership Institute

  • Must be able to attend the program, which includes approximately 45 hours of session time, in its entirety in order to graduate




How to Apply

Please submit the following application by August 10, 2023. 

The application includes a request for a letter of recommendation or endorsement from a supervisor or board chair. This letter should address the applicant’s leadership qualities and commitment to the program.

Program Dates & Topics

Sessions will be held at Impact Alamance from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

August 29, 2023
Exploring Leadership

September 12, 2023
Communicating Like a Leader

October 10, 2023
Getting (the right) Things Done

November 14, 2023
Managing Performance through Feedback

December 12, 2023
Delegating for Results


January 9, 2024
Interviewing and Selecting Talent

February 13, 2024
Making Wise Decisions

March 12, 2024
Navigating Change

April 9, 2024
Growing Your Influence

May 14, 2024
Building a Team

Leadership Institute Portal

Resources and information for the current cohort members can be accessed through the participant portal below.

Since 2016, 50 organizations and 94 leaders have participated in the Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute 2023 ParticipantsOrganization
Ashlee AlstonLifespan Early Learning Center
Lorrie AndrewsCity of Graham
Detra BettsFamily Abuse Services
Nolan CarterAlamance County Parks
Rhonda ChaneyCrossRoads
Tommy ColeCity of Graham Fire Department
Vicky EctorAlamance County Clerk of Court
Cheryl FlinchumCone Health – Congregational Nurse Program
Sally GordonUnited Way
Amanda GramleyAlamance County Public Libraries
Vonte’ HedgebethOpen Door Clinic
Tonya JohnsonOE Enterprises
Kendrick KingTown of Elon Police Department
LeTonya MilesBurlington Housing Authority
Josh PayneCity of Graham Police Department
Nikki RatliffBurlington Housing Authority
Alexandria RimmerAlamance County Health Department
Kelly RobertsAlamance Chamber
Doreen TuckAlamance Community College
James TurneyTown of Elon Police Department
Craig WyrickGibsonville Fire Department


Leadership Institute 2022 ParticipantsOrganization
Anna BowlandAlamance Parks
Tracey BrownAlamance Partnership for Children
Kelly CrawfordCity of Burlington
Brian FaucetteGraham Parks and Rec
LaTanya FoustFamily Abuse Services
Alejandro GarciaCityGate Dream Center
Smita GlossonAuthoracare
Reagan ChandlerChamber of Comer
Jennifer HeltonRalph Scott Life Services
Erika HillAlamance Libraries
Ricky IrbyBurlington Fire Department
Kate MeyerWomen’s Resource Center
Amy MillerOE Enterprises
Sabrina OteroAlamance Community College
Meredith PeffleyCrossroads
Lynne PierceThe Hawbridge School
Breana SoutherlandSalvation Army
Tony VelezGraham Police Department
Teresa WileyPiedmont Health Center
Jewel TillmanImpact Alamance
Leadership Institute 2021 ParticipantsOrganization
Russell ScottBurlington Housing Authority
Alexandra ArpajianYoung Musicians of Alamance
Mary ColeCity of Graham
Lisa EdwardsCityGate Dream Center
James FaucetteAlamance County Clerk of Superior Court
Yazmin Garcia RicoARMC, Healthy Communities Department
Susana GoldmanAlamance County Public Libraries
Marcy GreenImpact Alamance
Angela LloydAuthoraCare Collective
Dalton MajorsCity of Burlington
Victoria RansAlamance Community College
Margaret SamuelsOE Enterprises, Inc
Leadership Institute 2020 ParticipantsOrganization
Gavin StevensAlamance Community Foundation
Heidi NorwickUnited Way of Alamance County
Amber BlankBurlington Housing Authority
Jennifer MockAlamance Community Colllege
Jared BishopKearah’s Place
Laura ReganAlamance Eldercare
Calvetta WaltlingtonFamily Abuse Services
Kelly BlackwelderTown of Elon
Meredith EdwardsAlamance County Clerk of Superior Court
Bret CurrieBurlington Police Department
Lisa McBroomExchange Club’s Family Center of the Central Piedmont
Mark YanceyBurlington Police Department
Sarah Beth HardyElon  University
Claudia PattersonCrossrads
Keri HarrisonCone Health Medication Management Clinic
Guil JohnsonAlamance Parks
Leadership Institute 2019 ParticipantsOrganization
Courtney DunkertonCrossroads
Allen BlueBurlington Housing Authority
Jason WitherspoonAlamance Parks
Skye SullivanFamily Justice Center
Mark RascoeBurlington Police Department
Jason RogersAlamance County Public Libraries
Stacey AllredTheExchange Club’s Family Center in Alamance
Lorrie CarterOpen Door Clinic
Charlie Bryant-PardiniAlamance Achieves
Alison HarmanAlamance Achieves
Jessica PasionBurlington Downtown Corporation
Julie McAteer United Way of Alamance
Leadership Institute 2018 ParticipantsOrganization
LaTonya PennyFamily Abuse Services of Alamance
Lynn CrabtreeLifespan Services
Jeffrey SmytheBurlington Police Department
Sherry HookAlamance County
MJ WilkersonAlamance County Public Libraries
Tracey SalisburyOpen Door Clinic
Richard GaryAllied Churches
Connie MorseFriendship Adult Day Center
Amanda BartolomeoMeals on Wheels
Pam ThompsonDept of Health and Human Services
Cindy BradyCone Health
Tyronna HookerAlamance Achieves                   
Leadership Institute 2017 ParticipantsOrganization
Jenson RollHope
Rebecca PriceCrossroads
Sarah BlackExchange Club
Sherri HendersonSalvation Army Boys and Girls Club
Beth BaderYoung Musicians of Alamance
Veronica RevelsBurlington Housing Authority
Susan WatsonWomen’s Resource Center
Brian BakerAlamance Parks
Stephanie BraxtonAlamance Citizen’s for Education
Gayle ShoffnerAlamance County Health Dept
Susan YoungsteadAlamance Youth Dispute Settlement Center
Walter BritYMCA of Alamance
Elly GoetzBenevolence Farm