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About Us

Creating a Healthier, Smarter and Stronger Community, Together

At Impact Alamance, we’ve learned that we need each other for our whole community to thrive. 

We believe that everyone should be able to live healthy and fulfilling lives — no matter their race, gender or economic status — and we need to work together for this to occur.

Our board and staff have been making great strides through internal changes geared towards emphasizing equity in our practices and have updated our mission and vision statements to reflect this work.

Our new mission and vision are:


Our Mission

We partner and invest to achieve hope, health and prosperity for everyone in Alamance County.

What does this mean?

We strategically invest in community efforts to make sure Alamance County becomes a place where everyone can succeed – where we build solutions to our collective challenges together. We’re helping our children grow up to become healthier, smarter, and stronger by working to power a strong grid of resources across our county that deepen community connections and improve access to better outdoor spaces, schools, training programs and more. We believe this is the time to join together and stand up for all of Alamance County to ensure everyone enjoys hope, health and prosperity – in particular, people of color who have been denied access to resources, opportunities, and full participation for far too long.

We acknowledge that this journey will take some time, and we are in it for the long haul. We are honored and humbled to carry this mission out with our community partners in ways that bring all the parts of our community to the table.

Our Vision

Alamance County is a caring and connected community where everyone thrives. 

What does this mean?

The Alamance County we create together will be healthier, smarter and stronger. It is a place where we share responsibility for making sure our workforce, health care, and education systems are thoughtfully designed so the essential services they provide reach everyone. To realize our vision, we’ll need to put extra maintenance into the low-voltage parts of our grid, where conditions—like lack of access to transportation, healthy spaces, and quality education—make it hard for people of color and people with lower incomes to thrive.

When we are successful, everyone in our community will participate in making sure all families can access opportunities to learn, play, and grow. By linking together a well-connected system of resources, energy and opportunity will flow more freely across race, zip code, and income to power our community’s future and help us to achieve our collective goals.

Our History

Impact Alamance is a community foundation that serves the people of Alamance County, North Carolina. We are a proud part of the Cone Health network for exceptional care. As a supporting organization of Alamance Regional Medical Center, our investments support the health system’s mission of improving the health of the community. 

Impact Alamance was founded in May 2013 as a result of Alamance Regional Medical Center’s merger with Cone Health. The original $54 million investment is Cone Health’s commitment to further improve the health of Alamance County.

How We Work

Impact Alamance works to create healthy environments and build healthy communities by investing in collective, long-term, measurable change. 

We serve as a hub in the community, sparking new partnerships, providing technical assistance and linking people together in a county-wide effort to reach our collective goals. We are stronger together.  

Focus Areas

Impact Alamance invests more than $3 million into our community annually, focusing on strengthening the systems and environments that impact our children and their future so that we’re all healthier, smarter and stronger.