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Impact Alamance gives $320,000 to agencies coping with pandemic

By Times-News Posted October 8, 2020 at 3:20 a.m.

Impact Alamance has given $320,000 to six organizations to fill in the gaps left as Alamance County struggles with the coronavirus pandemic.

 “While the pandemic has affected everyone, vulnerable populations have been disproportionately affected by both the virus and economic consequences of the shutdown,” Impact Alamance says. “This includes children, communities of color, non-English speaking residents, and those who live in areas with little access to essential supplies and services.”

The grants include $200,000 in Chromebooks and laptops for Alamance-Burlington School System students, along with an upgraded data plan, literacy software, and resources for students with special needs.

“The move to remote learning for public schools has created many challenges for students and teachers without access to the internet,” Impact Alamance says.

The YMCA also received $10,000 to upgrade its technology infrastructure for program participants needing access to remote learning while there.


• Alamance Aid received funds to provide direct access to money for individuals who need essential items, such as food and medicine;

• The Community Recovery Loan program received funds to aid minority- and women-owned businesses in recovery and growth;

• The Alamance Partnership for Children received funds to launch a leadership development program for childcare center directors; and

• The CityGate Dream Center received funds to establish a community kitchen to continue providing hot meals to food-insecure families.

“We are grateful for the work our community partners are doing to address the disparities illuminated by the virus,” Impact Alamance President Tracey Grayzer said. “In this rapidly changing environment, it’s through these relationships that we can better understand the community’s needs so we can read reality truthfully and invest to make the most impact.”