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Green Level receives grant to increase access to physical activity

Impact Alamance has awarded the Town of Green Level $82,530 to improve the access to physical activity for nearby residents. The funding will be used to build a new basketball court as well a family outdoor fitness equipment area.

The investment is a result of the foundation’s focus on building healthy environments that increase access to physical activity and healthy food. “Research shows that people make healthier choices when they have easy access to places where they can be physically active. Our goal is to increase opportunities for families and children to safe places for active play throughout the county, especially for those in historically underserved communities and neighborhoods.”

According to Jay Graves, Green Level  Parks and Recreation Specialist, basketball is the number one recreational and leisure activity for African American teenagers and young adults (ages 20-35), which covers a large proportion of the town’s population of 2,100.  “In our town, there are few safe recreational areas for youth and young adults to be active.  Often times basketball goals are pulled into the street because of lack of access to a community basketball court. This creates a dangerous environment for kids and youth.  A basketball court in Green Level Municipal Park will offer an alternative, safe place for citizens and young children to play basketball and be physically active.”

In addition to the basketball facility, the funds will allow the community to create an outdoor fitness environment.  “At a recent town hall meeting, the Green Level community provided feedback indicating a need for an open area where they can participate in fitness activities that are appealing to the entire family,” says Graves.  “We believe the family-oriented outdoor fitness space with a variety of equipment will meet this need and attract more families to the park,” he adds.  The outdoor fitness area will have six pieces of fitness equipment that will range from equipment designed for children and youth to pieces designed specifically for adults.

Construction of the basketball court is expected to be completed by early December and the outdoor fitness equipment area should be installed by early November.