Conference Center

2019 Annual Report

We are excited to share our 2019 annual report with you. Our timing is a bit delayed this year, as we have been working over the past months to provide rapid response COVID relief, supporting essential agencies working to serve those most impacted in our County.

Before you open our report, we would like to pause for a moment to acknowledge what a critical year 2020 has been for all of us.  We want to thank many people for lending a helping hand and coming together as a caring community in ways that we can all be proud.

We believe Alamance County can do even more. Our board and staff have been watching the events in our county, state, and nation, and believe we have an opportunity to work together locally to heal our divides.

It’s time for unity. Our organization believes that listening to each other, learning, and building bridges is more important than ever. It’s the way to find common ground, acknowledge our differences, and join together for the dignity of all people in Alamance County.

In 2019, we began this process of listening and learning within our own staff and board, talking about our own roles, responsibilities, and actions to make our County the best place to live and thrive. We know that Impact Alamance doesn’t have the answers, but we know solutions begin with conversation.

In the months ahead, we look forward to learning with Alamance County, listening to people from all parts of our community, sharing what we’ve been learning and engaging in productive conversations.

At Impact Alamance, we believe in peaceful and productive dialogues. As you’ll see from our first five years, we have worked to build the assets of our nonprofit partners, increase access to quality health care and improve educational outcomes for children. That work has laid a strong foundation for what’s to come.  We stand for all of Alamance County and know that our community can come together to develop solutions to create a healthier, smarter and stronger place to live for us all.


Tracey Grayzer, President